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FINGERSAVER - Never put your hands or fingers in an area where they could get injured.

Every day in many industries, people are sustaining hand and finger injuries that are preventable. Using the correct safety device should be an essential part of everyday life.

If you are working in areas where objects could hit you on the head, you would wear a hard hat. If your eyes are at risk from foreign objects or wind blown particles, you would wear safety glasses.

Think about your hands in the same way! Be sure to keep them safe and out of harms way, be sure to use the Fingersaver; don’t take risks with your hands.


When used correctly...

You can help prevent injuries...

The FingerSaver, when used correctly, will eliminate hand and finger injuries

Flogging Injuries

This worker was removing an isolation spade from between two 8" flanges and was tightening up the studbolts with a flogging spanner. As he struck the spanner with his hammer, he missed, hitting his finger causing this injury.

Lump Hammer

This image shows the effects of a misplaced lump hammer blow when your hand is left exposed near the impact zone. The nail had to be drilled to relieve the build up of pressure within the thumb.

Trapped Thumb

This injury was caused when a fitter's thumb was trapped between the spanner and a heat exchanger door whilst loosening 2" diameter studbolts. Pinch points can be as dangerous and painful as a direct hammer blow.

Permanent Damage

Don't pay the ultimate price, use a FingerSaver...

Assisting Safe Working Practices

The FingerSaver - Safety For Your Fingers

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